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Many years ago, I adopted this Special Spaniel, Holly (on the left of the Picture) from a Rescue where I was helping out. She was very challenging to handle and is so different from the numerous dogs I have had. However, I accumulated courses after courses to make sure I fully understand why she was doing what she was doing.

After cracking the nut, I brought her to CRUFTS to compete in Competitive Obedience! Never would I have thought that would happen! After which, I started to help out others in training and behavioural referrals from the vets started to follow.

Of all the cases I have come across, I have special interest and experiences with Dog to Dog Aggression and Dog to Human Aggression.

As for Holly, the last time I took her to demonstrate at CRUFTS 2015 at the APDT stand, she gave me a look to let me know its time to retire. So she is happily retired at home now.